Crown Mill Supply Enterprises, Incorporated

Crown Mill Supply Enterprises, Inc., or Crown, is a family-owned business in Caloocan City operating since 1960.

More than 55 years ago, Po Bun Hua and his wife, Cecilia, started a small machine shop in Caloocan City.

The "Crown" we know of today had its humble beginnings as a manufacturer and service center of pulleys, machines and spare parts. As a machine shop, it was first named Crown Pulley, and later on Crown Machinery and Manufacturer.

With the steady increase of customers, Po Bun Hua soon opened a separate retail shop, and it was only then that Crown Mill Supply was established. As the years passed, the small family business grew, offering more and more merchandise to its customers. Fast-forward 4 decades, on October 23, 2001, the company was registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission as Crown Mill Supply Enterprises, Inc.

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"Crown," as the company is fondly called, has gone a long way since 1960. Today, it is one of the leading hardware stores in Metro Manila, offering more than 15,000 products in-store. From tiger bronze and steel shafting, to power tools and hardware supplies, welding equipment, electric motors and so much more, Crown continues to expand, adapt and provide its customers with the best options for their varying needs.

Through the years, Crown has built a name synonymous with quality products and better-than-good service. We continue to meet (and exceed) our customers' expectations, armed with integrity and work efficiency as a guiding compass in our quest for excellence.

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VAI Building, 169 Rizal Avenue Extension, Grace Park 
Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 83645020
+63 (2) 83645026
+63 (2) 83645027
+63 (2) 83645028
+63 (2) 83645029

Mobile Number:
+63 (999) 3206911

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